Saturday, September 24, 2005

You might think

That this is Viper, on a furry day. But it's not.

It's Bailey, of "Bailey The Wonder Dog" fame. He moved in Thursday night when his mom and dad decided to head north to Canada to celebrate their anniversary. Viper and Bailey spent last weekend together when we headed south to you'd think they would love to see each other again. We finally reached that point, but it was after a full Thursday night of them jockeying for position in the house!

When I got home last night, they found it funny to chase each other around the yard at 2 a.m. While I'm not sure my neighbors felt the same way, it was so good to see them at peace with one another. We all slept in this morning, and they've been running wild throughout the backyard this afternoon. As much as he's had fun here, I know he's looking forward to later when we road trip to Puyallup to his home.

Happy Anniversary, you two. I love you both, eh!

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Kris said...

Dear Auntie Shelley & Viper -
Thank you so much for looking after me while my Mom & Dad left on a weekend away without me. I'm not sure I'll forgive them for not taking me with them,but at least they left me in very capable hands. I had the best time at your house playing with Viper. I'm really sorry about my initial shock of you picking me up off the couch. It was an accident. Thank goodness my mom was there to clean it up before it soaked in. She is good for something, sometimes! Thanks again for the chewy and the really cute halloween outfit you bought for me, but I think my mom left it at your house. My only complaint is that you could have posted a much cuter photo of me than the one of me yawning. No one can tell how absolutely adorable I am in that photo!
Love to you and Viper

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