Sunday, September 25, 2005

Saying goodbye to summer...

I love early Sunday mornings at the house. This morning was prime for kayaking on the water, but don't be fooled. While it looks like a perfect summer day, subtract about 20 degrees, and you'll find yourself shivering a bit until you're a few hundred yards into it. So I'm about ready to kiss summer goodbye, to prepare for the falling leaves in my yard (see the leaves changing above on the trees?), pumpkin carving, turning on the heat in my house, starting Life Teen tonight at St. Andrew's, and the upcoming Linfield vs. PLU football game in McMinnville.

So to celebrate the end of summer, I think I'll leave for a weekend to Las Vegas with the Fabulous Foursome. And you know what? The forecast for the weekend I'll be there is nothing short of 93 degrees!

I think I'll survive!

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