Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sweet little baby Alexander

Dear Alexander,

Over the past two days, you have skyrocketed to the place of favorite Wee Ski, in a world where no such title had existed before.

You weren't the Wee Ski that hid my car keys in a tub of toys and tucked it away on a shelf and caused Mommy to tear apart the house for two and a half hours.

You weren't the Wee Ski who drank the only remaining Diet Coke in the house when the aforementioned car keys were missing.

You weren't the Wee Ski who clogged the toilet and caused it to overflow while yelling "WOW! WOW! WOW!" the whole time.

You weren't the Wee Ski who took off his diaper and put it in the garbage to be "helpful", only for Mommy to realize it 20 minutes later by following a trail of "breadcrumbs" around the house.  You were really lucky you weren't that particular Wee Ski.  Really lucky.

You weren't the Wee Ski who dug out Mommy's lavender plants (again).

You are the Wee Ski who only wanted to cuddle today.

You are the Wee Ski who has started cooing with a hint of a giggle.

You are the Wee Ski who put up with your older brother smothering you with attention, playdoh puckies, and baby carrots. 

You are the Wee Ski who has finally started nursing on his own, nearly all the time.  Heavenly.

You are the Wee Ski who took good naps today and gave Mommy a rest from the older Wee Skis.

Sweet child, you are four months old now and the time is flying by.  You've meshed right into our family and we cannot imagine it without you.

We love you, Alexander Xavier, more than you can possibly imagine.

Just please don't ever take off a heavy, dark diaper on your own. 


KCina said...

What is it with boys and their diapers!!! :(

Great post...miss seeing more of them, but you do have THREE Wee Skis to keep up with!

Hugs - Kathy

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Ahhh..... Sweet 'lil baby... :-)

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