Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A few images of life right now.

I'm sorry that blogging has been a little light! :)

It's not been for lack of activity, that's for sure.  We've had a busy three months since Alexander was born.  I'm winding down maternity leave from Finian Road and finally finding a bit of time to go through photos of OUR family...instead of everyone else's...and I love it. 

Wanted to share some of my favorite of the boys over the past month or so.
All three boys together:

I love how John Paul always "talks" with his hands.

Jonathan and Alexander.

A major milestone for my 5 pound, 13 ounce newborn: this photo was of the day he hit 10 pounds!!  (February 7th)

John Paul on a hike on the farm.  We've been blessed with a relatively mild winter (good thing we have Zeus the Generator -- of COURSE Murphy's Law says that we'll have a mild winter after we finally got the monster generator hard wired into the house!).  The boys have LOVED going on hikes. I have loved hikes more when it hasn't been raining and we aren't trudging through mud.  So much more fun to run through the grass instead.

Doesn't John Paul look old here?

This is when Thomas is just being calm, relaxed Thomas.  A rare moment, indeed.  And no photoshopping on his eyes -- they are simply that clear blue. 

In getting ready for the Blarney Blast, we did welcome placecards at each of the 200 seats.  I was on the eternal hunt for a leprechaun costume...and we couldn't find one in toddler size.  So I hunted for pieces -- found the hat and mustaches at Old Navy (mustaches lasted all of 30 seconds), the bow ties and suspenders at Claire's, and the green sweats from Gymboree.  The cute little leprechaun white shirt?  It's John Paul's -- 2T on my 4T boy.

These were the welcome cards.  I sliced just above and just below his fist, and slid a green and white lollipop in there.  It looks really cute when it's all done...and they were a hit!

On the election day of Pope Francis.  My sweet little innocent Wee Pope Alexander.  His brothers were axed from the photo when one Wee Pope strangled the other Wee Pope. 


Grumpy Wee Pope.

After the Blarney Blast, the next morning when the boys woke up to find Grandma and Grandpa had stayed the night:

And my wee cow herder. 

The first day I let the boys go get the mail on their own.  You can imagine their incredible joy to not only get a package in the mailbox, but to find it filled with marshmallows.  They do love their "Auntie Uff Da"!!

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