Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The First Day of Preschool

So hard to believe that our sweet 3 1/2 year old is gearing up for his first day of preschool.  It's definitely a time of transition for all of us...from having less flexible mornings (which is incredibly nice when you're pregnant!), learning new routines, and getting into the "fall flow" as we say goodbye to our short summer.  John Paul will have to get used to being the only Wee Ski for most of the week at daily Mass.

Most important thing -- Thomas is thrilled to be able to go to preschool.  He's been working very hard on consistent potty training (which is AWESOME for all of us) and is motivated by these things: being able to go to school, gummy vitamins, and marshmallows.  In that order.

We have visited his new school a few times, from the initial tour to the uniform sale to the open house last week...which may have tainted Thomas's vision since they had a giant bouncy house to celebrate.  "Wait, Mommy, they won't have a bouncy house today?"

His "first day of school photo" is taken out in our tree fields...which will be awesome to see as the years go on.  Right now, the patch right next to the house has no tree seedlings, as we just tilled the last of the field this summer.  It will be replanted next spring and each year, the trees will grow a bit more for Thomas's (and eventually, the other Wee Skis') photos.  The next time the fields will be bare like this?  When Thomas is entering 7th or 8th grade, most likely.

Things we have laughed about -- he is still too small for the smallest uniform sizes.  Thanks to Facebook, we learned about Dapper Snappers, which cinch up the waist without having a buckle in front to get in the way of using the restroom.  Let me tell you -- XS in youth sizes are TINY.  Adorably tiny, yes, but tiny nonetheless.

We did a dry run yesterday of getting up, having breakfast, getting cleaned up and dressed for school, and getting out the door.  We definitely have room for improvement...but it was a solid start. We are celebrating with a special lunch after school, just as Jonathan's parents did with him when he was little. 

Here's to the first day of school!

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