Monday, September 3, 2012

My sweet 16-month-old

Dear John Paul,

You stop for nothing...a little like how life feels right now!  In the past few weeks, you've made two big developments: you started climbing (on anything and everything) and your cries have changed from a baby's cry to a little boy's cry.  Your papa and I have a hard time knowing whose cry is whose when you're in the same room.  You've been watching your big brother climb on things for months now, and the first time you climbed up on the kitchen table -- I have never seen you prouder.

Just remember, our kitchen table is on a hard tile I hope you'll only learn the lesson of falling off one time.

We have loved watching you play with Thomas.  He watches over you like a good big brother, and even takes the iPad into your room sometimes when you're sleeping...he'll lay down on his bed and watch cartoons while you sleep: "because you might get lonely when you wake up."

You have learned to run like a little boy, trying to keep up with your big brother.  You dance in your carseat to whatever Thomas dances to...but your current faves are "Call Me Maybe" and "Stronger" and "Country Girls". 

With the heat we had in the last month, I could usually find you two out on the deck, playing with the hose and one of you (usually you) soaked to the bone. 

You love banana-peanut butter smoothies but get so cold each morning by the time you're finished...your lips usually are purple and you're shivering.  It's hard not to giggle as you hand me your cup wanting more. 

You're in 12-18 month clothes, and sleep pretty soundly from 7:30 pm until the morning.  You and Thomas both love your new DreamLite that lights up your ceiling at night.  You're still taking two naps a day (hallelujah!) and eat like a horse.  This morning at breakfast: fruit, toast, cottage cheese and a smoothie. 

You're finally at the 30th percentile in weight -- up from the 4th percentile.  You've developed a "major outtie" which the doc calls an umbilical hernia.  For the time being, it's nothing to be worried about, as long as we can push your belly button back in.  We love that you've watched us push it back now you take care of that yourself too. 

You can sleep anywhere and everywhere (you get that from me -- you're welcome) and you sleep especially well with your white noise that we have in your room or on our iPhones and iPads. 

Tomorrow is Thomas's first day of preschool, so it will be you and me on our own in the mornings, three days a week.  I'm looking forward to some good one-on-one time with you until your little brother arrives in December...and then you'll get to learn how to be a BIG brother like Thomas!

You are still sweet and cuddly, but showing a bit more independence each day.  You like to walk into Mass each day on your own, but you're not too sure of sidewalk edges or tiny speed bumps. 

We love you so much, sweet baby, and can't wait to see what's ahead as you near 17 months old.

Mommy and Papa


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