Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On the fourth...

We spent the day out in the Harbor, at Mom and Dad's house.  We'd basically been recovering since Relay the weekend a quiet day in the sunshine was just what we needed.  With a pool on the deck, the beach to play on, and fresh fish on the really couldn't ask for more.

It was the first year that we had really had any fireworks for the boys -- after Thomas's first experience (below), he decided it was safer to watch from behind Grandpa than by hanging with Grandma the Pyro.  Both boys loved watching the kid-sized fireworks, and we all loved that the sun wore them out...and they both slept soundly from about 8 pm on.   Jonathan and I were able to sit down by the beach and watch the show from the Trelevens' barge around 10:30...and just be able to walk back upstairs when it was over.  There were a ton of firework displays around Henderson Bay that night...but the best, by far, was the Trelevens'. 

Grandpa and his Wee Skis.  Thank you, Costco, for the awesome matching suits w/hats!!

It's almost as if Grandma was driving this...right off the road and into the bay!

And some of my favorite shots of the fireworks.  I'll preface this with the fact that I was a tired, old pregnant when I sat down to shoot, I didn't want to get up.  You'll see a lot of the same boathouse rails, but the explosions are different.  :)  Chalk it up to Wee Ski 3.0 wanting to keep me in one place.

I just love this eclectic one.

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