Thursday, July 12, 2012

At the beach...

Last Saturday, we packed up the boys and headed to the coast.  A day trip, to get away from the hot, hot tree fields, and to let the boys run free.

We were all in heaven.  Jonathan got to fly kites with his boys, Thomas got to run and dance and jump and splash, and John Paul couldn't believe how soft the landing was every time he ended up on his bum.

I was loving the summer fruit bounty -- I made raspberry white chocolate muffins for a treat when we arrived, and fresh peach smoothies for the drive.  John Paul had breakfast in the backseat while Thomas helped Jonathan get the kites in the sky...and I got to hang out with my three favorite boys. 

Seriously, this kid is ALWAYS all smiles.

And he loved the sandy feet.

Most of the time you just heard him squealing.

Thomas ran everywhere. And jumped. And danced. And sang songs.  Usually "Hillbilly Deluxe" and "Country Girl, Shake it for me". 

And he threw sand.  A lot.  We were not fans.  But wow, does he look old here.

Check out his wet, sandy hands.  And feet and knees.  And face.

I love this photo so much that I don't care that the focus is soft. 

Splash + holding onto the hood = delaying the inevitable for just a few minutes.

...because soon, both boys would be sitting in it.

When you ask your husband if you look like Medusa, it usually means TO TELL YOU BEFORE THE PHOTO IS TAKEN.  At least this child can't deny that he's mine.

Down goes Frazier!  The other soon followed...and a bit later we found ourselves getting some tasty lunch and sleeping on the drive home.  A perfect break away.

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{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Loved BOTH of your latest posts......and those boys? Oh my gosh. They are SO BEAUTIFUL... and yes, I did say that about BOYS... The photo of John Paul by himself, on the sand, it GASP worthy.... so sweet.

Hugs to all!


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