Thursday, June 7, 2012

Notables and Quotables

From around the farm lately, mainly from Thomas.

Thomas: Let's play games.
Jonathan: We have to wait for John Paul to finish dinner.
(Thomas runs over, throws away John Paul's food. )
Thomas: John Paul's Done!!!!

"Mommy! Did you know you're going to have a baby soon? Let's have a dance party!"

I was laying on the sofa, taking a nap. I woke up to a little tug on my arm, with a full glass of water.
"Mommy, here you go. I brought you some water."
"Thanks, buddy. How did you know I needed that?"
"You looked thirsty. You're zelcome, Mommy, you're zelcome."

"Mommy! John Paul is eating all my pirates tooty! STOP HIM!" (pirate's booty)

At Bed, Bath and Beyond:
He walks up to a salesman and says, "What's your name? Oh, hi, Cal. I am Thomas."
Then to me, "See, mommy? I'm not shy anymore!"

And for what makes me thankful I live in a small town, where you know everyone, especially from the post office. I was feeding John Paul in my bedroom, while Thomas was playing in the living room. He ran back, with a big package in a bag.
"Here, Mommy!"
"What is that?" ...having not seen the package before.
"A man gave it to me. In our libing room. It's for you!"

"Baby! Can you hear me in there? I am waiting for you. Eat lots of booby juice so you can play soon."
Apparently, my lesson on the umbilical cord has not sunk in yet. Wondering if he thinks I sneak the Wee Ski 3.0 out when he's not looking to nurse.

And that's it for now...

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