Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eleven weeks.

  • How Far Along:  11 weeks
  • Size of baby:  About an inch and a half
  • What the Wee Ski 3.0 has right now: He is almost fully formed! His hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under his gums, and some of his bones are beginning to harden.
  • Total Weight Gain/Loss:  an initial jump of 4 pounds early on, nothing since then.
  • Maternity Clothes:  My stomach knew what was happening before I I need longer shirts already. HOW DOES AN INCH AND A HALF BABY DO THAT without gaining weight?!?
  • Gender: We don't know yet...but history tells us he's a boy. 67 years of history in the Sprouffske fam is very clear.
  • Movement:  Not yet...
  • Sleep:   Sleep has been a challenge - since I'm tired all the time. I'm averaging between 14-16 hours of sleep a day. That wasn't any problem when I was pregnant with 1.0 and came home and slept for the rest of the afternoon and evening...but now I'm chasing two kids around.  It's been a very good humbling experience to not be able to "do it all" and to ask Jonathan for help. He was my angel this weekend -- I crashed on Sunday morning, and he opted to take me home to sleep, and took Thomas out for a papa/son adventure. He did the same on Monday and it was so good to recharge some of my batteries!  Hoping to get caught up on phone calls, voicemails and email this week.  Wish me luck!
  • What I miss:  Nothing. So grateful for this sweet, sweet surprise.
  • Cravings: Milk. Peanut butter. Faithful Costco shopper right now for those two.  Between smoothies and protein peanut butter balls...a little slice of pregnant heaven.
  • Symptoms:  The exhaustion has been a big one. I keep reminding myself that it will improve once I'm out of the first trimester...reminding myself that I painted the entirety of most of our main floor when I was in the second trimester with John Paul, and redid our bathroom.  We've been doing our best to get out of the house every day -- from biking to walking to playing to just being outside. And then I crash.  As far as morning sickness -- I've felt the waves of nausea, but have been able to "mind over matter" to avoid any time with the porcelain god.  Seems like so much of this is a major mind game - whatever mindset you choose is what you end up with. If you choose to embrace the challenging with the good, it all balances itself out. I'd much rather have that than months of misery in waiting! :)
  • Best moment this week:  Thomas loves talking to the Wee Ski 3.0: "Are you sure he can hear me, Mommy? HI BABY! I love you. Can he hear me, Mommy? I want him to hear me. Be good in Mommy's tummy, baby. Don't forget to eat."

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