Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh Sunshine, how I've missed you.

Sixty three degrees on the farm yesterday.  After a record-wet March -- with TWO INCHES OF RAIN LAST THURSDAY ALONE -- we headed up to the Nisqually Refuge for a good, long walk outside.

Thomas was in heaven when I told him we were going to the place where birds live.  The guys with the $20k Canon lenses taking photos of said birds?

Not as eager to see a happy preschooler greeting every bird he saw, "BIRDY! BIRDY! HERE, BIRDY BIRDY BIRDY!"

We found lots of sticks, Thomas ran off lots of energy, and we soaked in the sunshine.  And I LOVE that the boardwalk has lots of different paths, but all contain the Wee Ski 1.0 quite well.  He clearly didn't inherit his BearBearMom's navigation skills, as he was able to correctly find his path back to the car with five different crossroads to choose at.  So proud. 

John Paul curled up in the sling, cozy in pajamas. 

And this morning, I miss the sunshine even more because of tomorrow's forecast.  I CANNOT WAIT FOR SPRING.

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