Friday, March 30, 2012

Quick Takes: The Life Through the iPhone Edition

Seven snippets of life, as seen through my iPhone.

The initial changeover from my blackberry was tough, but this has definitely been one of the things that's eased the transition! I love having a great little camera in the phone. I love having the images immediately sync to my iPad. I love that Thomas can find his way to the photos and he LOVES to look through them. Especially hilarious are the video clips. But I digress.

The past few weeks have been at a slower pace, perfect for Lent and as we gear up for a busy summer ahead.

March 15 • On the farm, in the midst of our crazy winter weather.  It snowed this day, then flipped to 60 degrees a few days later.  I love our Bob duallie, it goes 'over the river and through the woods' so easily.  It's that awesome.

I adore how John Paul looks at Thomas.  In love with his big brother.

March 19 • Blurry, I know, but one of the first times that John Paul stood on his own for a few seconds.  At Charlie's Safari, my haven on days when the rain won't stop. 

Check out that FuzziBunz bum.  I did not win the mother of the year award on this day.  When I didn't bring a backup pair of pants for my older, potty training son, I simply pulled off the 6 month-sized fleece pants on John Paul and put them on Thomas.  They did look a little like stretch pants, but Thomas didn't care.  He got to jump and play and bounce and run.  He was happy. 

March 23 • Down the slide on a beautiful sunny afternoon. 

March 25 • This could very well be one of my favorite photos. The red heart is actually from Jonathan's childhood, and it's been kept in the freezer for 20 years or more. It was used for owies for swelling.  Thomas, who keeps his Baby Paul with him everywhere, dropped him on the floor. He scooped him up and said, "baby, don't cry. I will take care of you. It's okay, it's okay, baby." Then he ran to the freezer, grabbed the heart, and put it on his head. "All better, baby.  Do you want feel better juice too?" Feel better juice is any juice we happen to have in the fridge when someone takes a spill.  Since it's not a specific juice, everyone will have feel better juice in their house, so it helps no matter if he's at our house or grandma's or whoever's. 

March 26 • Pimp my racecart ride, yo.  I will drive to the Safeway off College & Yelm Highway instead of going to the one in Yelm simply because their racecart rides aren't ghetto fabulous.  The ones in Yelm have broken steering wheels, doors and cart wheels -- so it's like steering the Titanic.  The newer ones at the College St. store are like heaven in comparison.  The boys love riding together.  It makes shopping a breeze.

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Jen S. in Bremerton said...

I say you *did* win mommy of the year for being resourceful... ;)

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