Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quotables: Wee Ski 1.0

Oh, this child.  He's sweet and sassy and hilarious all rolled up into one bundle called the Wee Ski 1.0.  A few recent quotables:

I washed all the sheets in the boys' room after their recent colds and an eventful night in which Thomas should have worn a diaper to bed.  Thomas evidently had never seen his bed without sheets.  We heard this yelling from his room:
"Guys!  COME HERE!  Guys!  What the heh-ull happened to my bed?"

Clearly, I need to clean up my language when I see a mess in the house.  Something about being a bad example...

When he's mad at me:
 "MOMMY!  Take my carseat out of the car!  Grandma's coming to get me and take me away!"

...or today when he was told to get in timeout:
"Peace out, yo!"  Then he slammed the bathroom door on his way to his timeout.  

After going to Lattin's Cider Mill with Grandma today, as I was tucking him in:
"I had a great day with Grandma, Mommy.  Can she have my carseat again?"

After I say a word he's not allowed to say...this usually happens in the car:
"Mommy, you in timeout. No say bad words. Make good de-sid-uns."    decisions  :)

Every time Jonathan leaves the house:
"Papa!  Kiss and hug, please!  Did you kiss and hug Mommy?  Did you kiss and hug John Paul?"

Whenever we leave the sanctuary or the chapel, as he genuflects:
"Bye bye Jesus!"

And just now when my sucker became his sucker:
"Mommy!  I got you a sucker today at the farm with the pigs!  You lick it!  Let me show you!" 

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Jen S. in Bremerton said...

I love the first one. One of my children is at the mimic stage and likes to repeat after me... words like crap....

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