Sunday, January 22, 2012

McGyvering it up in Rainier

I'm sorry we have been off the's because we have actually BEEN off the grid.

From an email I sent on Friday...
We lost power on Wednesday and it hasn't come back. After our snowstorm, we had extensive ice and just between the end of our road and our house, the power lines are cut 4 times. More than a quarter million homes in our area are out. Thankfully, we have a wood stove: providing heat, a way to cook and melt snow for water. That's our only source for water right now.

Jonathan had the 'come to jesus' reality talk with me. Our power is most likely not going to be on until mid-next week, if we are very, very lucky. There is incredible ice damage everywhere here, every major road out of Rainier is blocked due to trees fallen and power lines down.

They days are long right now -- I hauled firewood and shoveled snow for several hours today. Am so grateful that we have heat, there are thousands who don't. Thomas helped with firewood today, and he was so tired he fell asleep at the dinner table, fell off his chair and split his chin. He had some ice cream (see below) to feel better. :)

On the upside? Our sweet neighbors let us all shower today, we got to the town store and picked up diapers ( damn cloth diapers without a washing machine!), and there was literally free ice cream for the taking with the store freezers down. We stashed our free find in the ice on my car, far from the dog's reach. And if we hit 120 hours without power, we can apply for a $50 credit from PSE, so we've got that going for us. :)

And yesterday...
The fan belt in the 4runner shredded yesterday. Thankfully, just a mile from home and AFTER the major snow had cleared. AAA was only doing short run tows right now, so we had it towed home and will hopefully get it into the shop on Monday. We did get to go burn some energy at Capital Mall and have a hot dinner in town.

After Mass was cancelled at 8 am, we headed south to Centralia for a hot breakfast and to browse at the outlets. We are fueling up, charging our electronic devices and getting some supplies before heading back. And "stocking up" may have included a stash of yummy smelling goodies from Bath and Body Works to cover our "power's out scent".

All in all, at times it's been tiring balancing an infant, a crazy energetic toddler and our 100 lb dog who doesn't like the crazy weather changes. We have been blessed to have enough snow to make gallons and gallons of water for us and Maggie to drink, and hot meals on the wood stove. We have heat from the stove and have played lots of games by candlelight. It's been good for our family to be disconnected, even if stressful at times when reminded of our pending projects and work.

So grateful for those working to restore our power and those around us. Hope you're warm as well!

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