Monday, October 10, 2011

A Wee Salmon

Back in August. When there was sunshine and heat and nothing like we're experiencing now.   This adventure is the reason Thomas is always praying for fishies and boats and fishing poles.

He caught his first salmon.

It's a wee salmon, sized for a Wee Ski.

Clearly, catch and release AFTER the photo was taken.

He loves fishing with his grandpa and I loved being able to tag along. 

Loved spending time with my godson and sweet younger cousin...who is so good with Thomas.  He had just been named MVP at the basketball camp he was at, so there was much fun to be had at his expense.  We were just enjoying riding in the boat with him, and didn't hound him for autographs.  :)

He is explaining to Thomas about holding on.  Which Thomas clearly isn't doing, so Brandon's holding on for him. Obligatory self-portrait while wearing a strapless swimsuit.
Huge concert on the water -- all those little specks?  EACH ONE IS A BOAT.  There were hundreds of boats out there, and Dead Man's Island was covered in people -- they looked like little ants there were so  many.  It was awesome.  A huge boom from the island to the Kopachuck side, filled with boats and music.  The bands played on a barge to the left.  So much fun to see.

 And now, I feel warmer having looked back on summer and swimsuit weather.

'Scuse me while I go find a sweater and earmuffs.

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