Friday, October 7, 2011

Quick Takes: The Sleeping Edition

Seven snippets of life, in no particular order.
  1. Sleep has been coveted, but somewhat elusive lately.Except for said child photographed above.  He sleeps everywhere and anywhere.  Thomas and I walked into the kitchen and found him sound asleep in his jumparoo, occasionally still jumping off the ground.  The little toys would start playing jungle sounds when he'd move, so he'd wake up, scream a bit, and go back to sleep.  The rest of us -- it's been a bit of a constant battle to sleep.  Thomas has felt left out, so we find ourselves with an additional Ski in bed once or twice a night.  He's got skills though -- Jonathan and I don't even notice his arrival until he's burrowed under the covers and we hear a small, quiet voice, "Cuddle Papa?"  He's been revolting against napping including taking stealth reconnoissance missions outside his bedroom while he's supposed to be asleep, so we're taking every quiet moment we can get.
  2. I'm loving two solid weeks at home.In September, we found ourselves in Iowa, at two American Cancer Society staff conferences (one in Seattle and one in Denver).  The most amusing and embracing of "the simple life" was definitely Denver, as I pulled into the Seattle airport parking only to discover that I had left the suitcase I had packed for JP and me ON THE FRONT PORCH AT HOME.  Working on getting our home back in order, catching up on shoots and Finian Road projects, and preparing for fall.  The next month includes Relay Summits in New Mexico, Alaska and our first family vacation all year to finish things off.  I am definitely glad for my 'maternity leave' from the Nationwide Leadership Training Team, which means that I am only traveling within our 12 state area in our Division instead of across the country.
  3. Speaking of fall...I love everything about it.  While we don't change colors so much on the farm (being that 99% of our green comes in the form of EVERgreens), the evenings cool down and we're getting ready for the day we finally turn the heat on.  The chimney has been sealed and I am looking forward to our first roaring fires in the wood stove.  Dinners have included warm soups and stews and a few bites of home baked breads and rolls.  Pulling out sweaters, boots, scarves and lots of blankets for walks on the farm.  Possibly starting a Wee Ski Snow Dance in the fields. 
  4. "John Paul is very cute!"Thomas alternates between adoring his little brother and the occasional bout of jealousy.  Right now, his favorite saying is, "Oh so cute.  Isn't John Paul cute?"  Then he colors JP's hands with the purple Mr. Sketch marker while we're sleeping...and I wake up with purple handprints all over me. 
  5. A few new faves on fall television.I am loathe to start new shows because of the lack of time we have to watch television...but I am really loving both Revenge and Person of Interest.  I also love that I can watch them online so they are up on one screen while I'm editing on the other.  Am I missing anything else out there?
  6. Prayers, please.For close friends of ours who were selected by birthparents for their baby boy due in January, for Jonathan's knee (for healing and strength), for my awesome grandma who is looking ahead to a move, for my parents' on their 41st anniversary, and for the health of wee ones everywhere as rumors of whooping cough circulate at the start of flu season.
  7. Oh potty training, how I love you and hate you.
    The same day that Thomas successfully used his Cars potty for number 2, I walked into the living room to find him stark naked, proudly peeing on the carpet.  I guess you win some and lose some, right?

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KCina said...

Prayers for all of thee above!

Hang in there with the potty training..... :-)

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