Thursday, June 16, 2011

Through the eye of the BlackBerry

I quite possibly have an addiction to my BlackBerry.  There's a reason they're nicknamed "CrackBerry".  It's my little e-lifesaver.
  • It holds all of my shopping lists (if I find myself at Safeway, I have a list of everything that we need right now from there...same for Costco, Target and Lowes). 
  • It keeps tracking of John Paul's nursing and I have a favorite to log the nursing time (and diaper changes!) because I am a Type A freak like that.  
  • I surf the web in the middle of the night while nursing 2.0 and have learned that Jonathan doesn't like hearing the latest news from Twitter at 1 am.  So I save it for the 5 am feeding.  :) 
  • It has a 2 minute timer automatically set up for Thomas's timeouts.  He knows that he's out of timeout when he recognizes the timer bell, and it's time to go find whoever it is to say "Sah-wee!"
  • And of course, it has my phone, calendar, email and internet.  But that's so 2008 to only use it for those things.
Oh, and it has a camera.

Not a sweet one like an iPhone, but one that simply captures what is going on right then with a click of a button.  Much quicker than my normal shooting with my 'big' camera.

And it's everywhere and anywhere.  I keep only the shots that remind me of something I don't want to forget, the rest I immediately delete.  I really should do a scrapbook page of these sometime.

Here are a few of my recent favorite photos from the memory of my BlackBerry.

May 18 • 2:25 pm
Driving on I-5, both boys sound asleep.  If you only knew how rarely I have perfect would completely appreciate the beauty of this image. 

May 23 • 7:53 am
A very proud big brother.

May 24 • 3:32 pm
Dressing himself.  Very into being independent right now.  Though I do think the off-the-shoulder thing is a little 1980s.  But that's just me.

May 27 • 1:50 pm
Just after naps.  My brilliant idea to bring Thomas back to bed with John Paul and me so we could all keep sleeping was a giant disaster.  The stealing of puckies and subsequent screaming made for zero additional nap time.

June 4 •  12:25 pm
I was relaxing after a morning of pressure washing and deck cleaning.  Sunshine + chair + playing Thomas + sleeping John Paul = perfect afternoon.  Until Thomas realized it was much more fun to pour cold water on Mommy.

June 4 • 12:53 pm
He's now realized that he can use the flowerpot and water bottle to pour water.  I just keep telling myself that I used to pay big money for vichy showers, now I get them for free in my driveway.

June 7 • 3:44 pm
Driving south on I-5.  We do a lot of that.  My favorite part of this whole photo of the boys sleeping is John Paul's pucky stuck on a sleeping Thomas's finger.  He had plucked it out of his mouth a few minutes earlier.  Thomas squealed, John Paul yelled, and then they both went to sleep. 

June 15 • 11:52 am
Metropolitan Market.  I LOVE THESE WEE SHOPPING CARTS.  Better than the racecarts at Safeway.  You better believe that Thomas LOVED being in control of the cart and placing everything inside that I handed him.  I love that there's a pole to grab onto for me when he gets going faster than he can handle...but I swear, every time I reached for it, "No, Mommy! I help!"

This morning • 7:23 am
Thomas's eye swelled up last night while he was sleeping, following his brush with the driveway yesterday.  It didn't hurt today until I cleaned up the scrape (again) he's gotten some extra TLC today.  His emotion in this photo?  Because I paused Madagascar 2 during breakfast to take this photo.  "Alekay?  Alekay?:"

I love this sweet, sweet boy...even if it takes all my energy to keep up with him. And some days, I don't even do that very well.

Good thing the Wee Ski 2.0's desires are very limited right now: eat, sleep, change diapers, snuggle. Repeat.


KCina said...

I'm glad you are doing you awesome everyday mom is snoring in her hospital bed with me beside her telling her she's okay when she starts moaning....reading your blog makes me smile....thank you and give wee 1.0 a hug from the wee bee!

Unknown said...

YOWZA! That shiner is really something. I love the picture of Thomas in the grocery store with the shopping cart!

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