Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On Shiners + Letting the Dogs Out

Both Jonathan and I love Thomas's flair for the dramatic: be it singing, dancing, or whatever it is that has his attention right then.  I've gotten Thomas addicted to the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song, and Jonathan's got him saying, "Who?  Who?" when he sings to him "Who let the dogs out?"

Today at Mass, Thomas was in rare form.  He was very quiet, but couldn't sit still to save his life.  He was back and forth from our seats to the tabernacle over and over and over.  And after communion, I was very grateful that his two-year-old toddlerese is relatively decipherable by us, but not as well by those who aren't around him all the time.  Because it was then, in the quiet after everyone else had received communion...that he was standing in front of the tabernacle and asked Jesus, "Who let the dogs out?"

Humility, thy name is Shelley Sprouffske.

Jonathan:  Were you good for Mommy today?
Thomas:  Not at Mass.
Jonathan:  No?  You weren't good?
Thomas:  No.  No holy.
Jonathan:   But the rest of the day you were good?
Thomas:  Yes, but not at church.
Jonathan:  Did you ask Jesus who let the dogs out?
Thomas:  Yes.
Jonathan:  Did he let the dogs out?
Thomas:  Yes. He did.

Seriously.  Jesus should be better about letting the dogs out. 

Oh, and the other news on the farm.  This photo is a bit misleading, because it hides Thomas's newest addition to his face from this evening.

His first ever black eye. 

Driveway - 1
Thomas - 0

All swollen and coupled with two skinned knees and a skinned elbow.  He's a tough little kid, but even I was misty eyed as I cleaned up his owies.  His tears were overwhelming, for a kid who rarely cries. 

I was cuddling him in the big leather chair when Jonathan got home so I could head to our last Relay meeting before the event next week.  When I called to check in, Jonathan asked for a surprise treat for the Wee Ski since he'd been so good. 

As Thomas says EVERY time we pass the Golden Arches..."Burga? Fries? Coke?"

So fear not.  This boy's parents were more upset by the shiner than he was, after the initial shock wore off.  Because I'll tell you...kisses on his boo-boos, TLC with Mommy and Papa, and a plain hamburger and fries and he was as good as new. 

Well, maybe with a little extra Neosporin.  :)


Unknown said...

Aww, poor Thomas. He looks like quite the trooper, though.

Janna said...

Oh my gosh face would be bright red with some of your Wee Ski stories if it was me! Shawn's favorite one is still the "belly button" story... you could publish your own 'kids say the darndest things big' just on Thomas! love the stories and your narrative telling them! you always make me smile. :)

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