Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Wee Skis: The Ride Home

We've been on a every-two-hour nursing schedule for the last 36 hours, which has just knocked me out.  Jonathan came home a bit early to mow down the forest we are currently calling a lawn, and he invited his favorite two-year-old to help him to give me a bit of downtime before tomorrow. 

So the two-week-old is sleeping in my office with me, and I'm flipping through photos as I'm pulling together John Paul's birth story. 

I loved Thomas's sleeper that he came home from the hospital in - the polka dots get me every time.  The hat was from the St. Peter's, there's a handful of sweet little old ladies who knit them for the little ones in the Special Care Nursery.  I brought both of them to bring John Paul home in..

Each day, they look more and more alike.  I have the most amazing photo of Jonathan with his Grandpa Fred (where you'll see the famous blue eyes that Thomas has, and John Paul seems to be getting) and a very similar image of Thomas.  In a few weeks, John Paul should be able to match up as well...and I can't wait to get that photo. 

The little differences between the two right now: Thomas had much longer eyelashes, John Paul has much longer fingers. 

They both have my same gimpy little pinky toes.  They both have Jonathan's little nose from when he was small. 

And they were both just a tiny bit too small for the newborn-sized sleeper.  :)

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ViolinMama said...

I love everything about your boys!! You are so blessed, and so amazing! Will you be my mommmy?? :) LOL!

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