Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chicken poop has super powers

I know I'm late to the party on this one.  But seriously, I had no idea just how awesome chicken poop is to healthy growth.  Now I'm seeing the joy of Tacoma's Tagro, but glad it's not 'people poo' in our yard!

The grass in the majority of the fields right now is about 6-8 inches high right now, ready to be cut.  In all the spots we've had the chicken run over the past year, the grass has grown back like it's on steroids. The grass in those spots is literally 2-3 feet high.  The chickens are in heaven when we pull the run over the grass and they get to munch to their hearts' content.

The Wee Ski is learning lessons each day about how to care for the chickens, and more importantly, how NOT to care for them.  Yesterday, he opened the Eglu to find that the chickens hadn't laid yet.  Butter, one of the hens, had the unfortunate timing of sitting in the nest at the time.  I opened the front door to find Thomas screaming into the nest, "LAY EGGS!  LAY NOW!" 

His other favorite pastime right now, aside from checking for eggs...driving the lawn mower.  Never mind that he has no keys, can't reach the floor, and can hardly turn the wheel, he provides the motor sounds and could literally be out there for hours if we let him.

We're going to need to teach him that mowing the lawn is a privilege that only good boys get to do.  That's it!


Kate said...

So, can we borrow your flock for, say a week? My front and side yards are weed festivals. I need to get rid of it and reseed. :).

Unknown said...

Another monster pajama shot! I love those dang PJs!

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