Sunday, April 24, 2011

Take me out...

Love the new Cheney Stadium.  We picked up season tickets again this year for the a selection of the fireworks nights at the field...with Chris & Chuck, the DeWeeses (including Wee DeWeese, the Wee Ski's BFF), and Dave & Kristi.  Thomas broke in his Rainiers gear (thanks, Grandma!) and after loving Papa's hat (which he gladly shared with Wee DeWeese), he talked his papa into a little one of his own in the team shop.  Jonathan taught Thomas to yell "Play ball!" and we ALL loved that he could be as loud as he wanted!

Chuck, Jonathan and John got a suite tour of the brand-new suites, complete with a round of beers on the house, so they were happy campers.  It was Thomas's latest night out -- EVER -- but he was a trouper.  And by the end of the evening, we were very, very grateful for the fleece gloves given to all the season ticket holders.  It was COLD.  It was also a little surreal to think this was the only game we'd have just one child 'on the outside'.  But Thomas was a young Rainiers fan as well, so he'll be able to help break in his brother.  In fact, Daniel and Thomas both look quite a bit different than they did at their first Rainiers game!

About halfway through, we had a surprise when the brand new owner of the Rainiers, Mikal Thomsen, sat down next to us to catch up with the folks on the other side of us. Kate immediately recognized him. We were both a little Tacoma star struck.

Excited for the season ahead, for tailgating, much-shorter-commutes-home-than-from-Safeco-Field, and good fam time at the Stadium.  Play ball!

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Maureen said...

Good to know you're season ticket holders I'll be expecting to see you the next time. I miss my lil guy. :)

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