Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thirty three weeks.

  • How Far Along:  33 weeks
  • Size of baby:  5 pounds, 10 ounces, as of today. In foodie terms, size of a pineapple.  :)
  • What the Wee Ski 2.0 has right now: A sweet smile for us today on the ultrasound.
  • Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Gained four pounds.
  • Maternity Clothes: Loving my stash of Old Navy comfy shirts + Lucy pants. I am a walking advertisement for them.
  • Gender:  He's a boy!
  • Movement:  All the time. Especially at night.
  • Sleep:  Still lots of exhaustion. Yesterday, I hardly got out of my pajamas except for Mass last night.  Very grateful that Jonathan comes to bed early with me and lets me talk his ear off until I fall asleep...then he heads back to the living room. 
  • What I miss:  Nothing. I still can't believe that we are actually pregnant after a year. I am grateful every. single. day. But that said, seeing my feet. 
  • Cravings:  Milk.  Thin bagels, toasted, with peanut butter and agave nectar.  That's pretty much my nighttime standby snack.  And Symphony chocolate bars.  Usually split with Jonathan and the Wee Ski 1.0.
  • Symptoms:  A broken toilet seat.  It split right in half on one side.  Which really does a number on your pregnant psyche, until you walk into the bathroom to see the Wee Ski 1.0 slamming the toilet seat down over and over, and realize the crack probably had to do more with him and less with your ever-expanding pregnant body.  And then you laugh because Thomas is giggling the whole time he's breaking the toilet.  If he were a few years older, I'd be garnishing his allowance until we had a new toilet seat.  :)
  • Best moment this week:  Getting sweet, sweet news today at the doc.  Not only did Dr. McMahon tell me that VBACs are going 'live' at St. Joe's in Tacoma on April 1 (which I have been praying for over the past year!), but 2.0 has finally has flipped and he is HEAD DOWN!  He had been breech for a few months, and we are so excited that he's turned back over.  Dr. McMahon has a vacation scheduled for a few weeks before he's due, but she told me she's going to go to Adoration before she leaves, and pray that 2.0 hangs on until April 26th when she returns.  :)  How many docs do that?!?  So grateful for her care.  Loved that Mom came to the appointment today too...she got to meet Dr. McMahon and hear the good news.  I also love that when I came out from the office, I couldn't find Mom or Thomas.  So I asked the nurses walking across the skybridge, "Have you seen a fast little toddler with his grandma?"  Their response?  "Oh yes, they're down the hall.  Hang a right at the wooden circle. And he is fast!"
  • About the photo above:  The Wee Ski 2.0's sweet little smile and profile.  He's estimated at 8 pounds around birth (I was thinking a pound a week from here on out, and was mortified to think that he could tip the scales at 12 pounds!  Thank God it's only half a pound a week!!)  Below is his heartbeat, healthy and strong.


Rebecca said...

About the heart rate....I know this is "old school" but above 140 used to mean "girl". I see 2.0 is 142. Hmmm. Are we sure?
My sister-in-law was told boy & Erin was born. I'm just sayin'

Keana C. said...

So excited for you! You will have to let me know all about the VBAC and advice to go along with it. We are going for one too, but I am nervous b/c my doctor said he won't let me go past August 29th and I am a little uneasy about doing another induction.
We should meet up sometime soon. Perhaps a visit to the farm is in order. =)

KCina said...

okay--finally read this post and I'm still laughing (in a good way).... :)

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