Saturday, March 5, 2011

Parenting FAIL.

Apparently, all I have taught Thomas about sledding is that you simply need: pajamas, rubber boots and your sled. He was off to "Un-coo and Hi-dee's".  We trekked across the field: dog, sled, pajamas and all.

We stopped over to their house and Thomas was in heaven.  He dumped out all the kitty toys, got to play with the kitties and carried Un-coo's football around the house.  When it was time to go...the skies had opened up and unleashed a fierce downpour.  With the 100 pound dog, there was no giving us rides back.  :)

So we headed back in the rain (Canon 5d safely tucked into a garbage bag, thanks, Heidi!).  And on the way home, Thomas handed me the reins to the sled and climbed on.  At eight months pregnant, I pulled him a quarter mile back to the house across the muddy ground.  (Will probably do this again should 2.0 need a little encouragement to arrive!)  1.0 started cheering when we hit the last stretch, as we speeded up down the hillside.  Mom of the year, I tell you.  Never mind he had no coat and was soaked to the bone.

He and Maggie made a celebratory run through the giant mud puddles at the house before coming in.

After everyone got hosed off.

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