Tuesday, February 15, 2011

White euphoria

Meet the area behind our fridge.

I can't believe I'm actually blogging this.  But one of the tasks on my January list was to paint behind the fridge.  While I was at it, I decided to vacuum all the filters on the back of the fridge and steam the floors underneath the fridge as well.

The end result was amazing, but the start of the project literally brought tears to my eyes.  And not in a good way.

One of the great things that Jonathan let me do just after we got married was replace the major appliances in the kitchen.  The fridge was small enough that there was another set of cabinets above it, which we tore out.  Thus, the unfinished drywall which had never been painted.  To cover that up, I just stored all my cookbooks above the fridge itself.  But it bugged me.  All the time.  Never mind that two of the stove's four burners were out, and the two that worked had "high" and "variable".  Neither of which you could change.  I excelled at burning food. 

Anyway, with the sweet Bosch dishwasher and double oven (God's greatest gift among ovens), we installed a beautiful french door fridge. I love our fridge, especially after Jonathan and Rich ran water to it, so we could use the awesome ice/water dispenser on the front.  Do you know what's awesome?  Fresh well water chilled through the fridge.  A big change from Tacoma's fluoridated water...and I don't mind giving Thomas fluoride drops every day because the water. tastes. that. much. better.

Anyway, back to the paint.

After soaking the tile floor and getting up the gunk, I cleaned out the fridge cubby and got all the nasty grossness out.  And then I painted.  Jonathan was so good to me and took the Wee Ski out of the house so I could paint without his little feet running through the while the kitchen was cleaned out (the tables and chairs were all moved out so I could steam the floors), I finished the second coat of paint on the ceiling and walls (also on the list).  I was exhausted by the end, but seriously, the fresh white walls make my heart happy. 

I will probably add a plant or two (in white pots, of course) on top of the fridge, or leave it open. 

I moved all the cookbooks to the top of the built-in cabinet and adjusted the shelves and order of china so everything fit.  One of my fave shelves in this cabinet is the mismatched teacups...they were Mary's, and each cup & saucer were given to her by a someone different.  We have a list of them, and I so appreciate that she wrote this stuff down.  It inspires me to have a tea party before Wee Ski 2.0 arrives...because with the increasing ratio of testosterone in the house, I know my days of tea parties are numbered.  Unless, of course, I serve beer and root beer in the tea cups, with not-so-dainty doritos and cheese.  Then the boy Skis will let me do whatever I want.

I love how the white turned out.  Together with the new lights installed last summer, the old "golden glow" is gone.  It's fresh and clean and I literally sit at the kitchen table every night after dinner, while the Wee Ski gets his bath from Papa, and soak it in. 

It is awesome.

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Amber said...

You are brave...kudos. : )

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