Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Takes: The Restoring Order Edition

Seven snippets of life right now, in no particular order.
  • Thomas emptied his buckets out last weekend all over the back hallway. 
    How do you like that 'oh so innocent face' above?!?  He was showing Uncle Kevin all of his toys, and dumped EVERY SINGLE BUCKET on the floor.  Thankfully, in my Type A style, I had already categorized the buckets, designed labels on 4x6 photo prints (making them inexpensive) and they had arrived.  But I hadn't put them on yet.  Ooops.
  • I finally labeled the buckets.
    Because the tags were also color-coded, I knew which things went into which buckets.  Bigger items obviously had their tag in the middle.  Keeping one color of bucket on each level made it visually more organized.  So on one of my low-energy days this week, I laminated the tags and ribboned them to the rack.  Thomas helped me put things away and we moved the rack back to its spot in the back hallway.  And my floors are spic'n'span again. 

  • Finished our placemats.  In Seahawks colors.
    In that same photo order that arrived to the mailbox, I had designed placemats to help Thomas set the table.  He typically puts everything on the table in one big pile and only sets the stuff for himself (the easiest placesetting).  So I designed placemats for each of us, with all of the silverware and our photos so he knew which seat belonged to which Ski.  He's a big fan of the photos, and learning a little bit about how to set the table.  I laminated those and they're on the table for our dinners in the evening. 

  • I have really loved multi-purpose ingredients in the past week.
    I've been trying to use up stuff as much as possible before replacing...keeping our bulk cupboards as organized as possible (finding 2 bags of half-used sugar just after buying a new one finally drove me nuts).  A few weeks ago, I really wanted potatoes.  In lieu of spending 99 cents per pound on individual potatoes, I picked up a 10 lb bag of potatoes for $3.99.  We had some awesome, diverse-ish potatoes that week! Started the week with oven-baked garlic fries, then had baked potatoes (made in the slow cooker - world's easiest recipe EVER), used a few leftover baked potatoes to make bacon cheddar potato soup in the VitaMix (heaven - and only 7 minutes start to finish), super easy from-scratch hash browns for brunch on Saturday, and garlic mashed potatoes for Valentine's Day.  We have just 2 potatoes left.  How do ya like that for $3.99?
  • My daily routine checklist is done.   For now.
    I can't get over how much this has helped keeping order in the house as we have been cleaning out and preparing for Wee Ski 2.0.  I designed the original checklist in Photoshop, keeping the base file open so I could adjust as needed over the first few weeks, adding in daily routine items I'd forgotten, or reordering them as needed.  I don't know why I feel the need to check things off in a row, but I do.  I love the FlyLady for how she brings order to people's lives...and encourages you to get started even if it's not perfect in the beginning. Our kitchen has had zero hot spots for the past few days especially, and as a reward, I ordered 4x6 cards for a mini clipboard in the kitchen. I had been using a dry erase marker, but there's something about starting fresh with a brand-new checklist each day. In the coming weeks, I'm planning to add a downloadable option for the checklist in the Finian Road shoppe, where you can order a custom checklist and I'll customize to your specific tasks...and you can download the final design for your own use. 

  • E-restoring order as well...
    Spent some time this week refreshing our parish's website.  Tom Curran is coming down for a Lenten presentation just after Ash Wednesday -- cannot wait!  Updated lots of goodies and added a little about our new Archbishop in Seattle.  Did you know you can read his twice monthly column here?  (The current column is particularly good)  Started building the pages to help explain the New Roman Missal changes that will be happening later this calendar year (in Advent 2011).  I think it's pretty sweet that the USCCB actually has YouTube videos up already about it!  :)  (And yes, I added those to the Roman Missal pages too)
  • My current favorite quote.  Enjoy.
    "Have a time and place for everything, and do everything in its time and place,
    and you will not only accomplish more,
    but have far more leisure than those who are always hurrying."
    -Tryon Edwards

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