Thursday, January 13, 2011

Needing a little sunshine

Both figuratively and literally, so why not add a little Hawaiian water time?

I was SO excited for snow the other day, the weathermen were predicting the first snowpocalypse or snowmageddon of the year...only to have the flakes begin falling after it was dark.  And then we awoke to the sound of pouring rain washing away our few inches.  By the time the Wee Ski woke up, there was just bits of slush left in the fields.  

With rain predicted EVERY day for the next 10 days, with a high of 53° coming up, my dreams of a snowy January mini-vacation are all but washed away with the snow yesterday.  Hoping for a day of dry sunshine to peek through.  Or a giant snowstorm. 

Not thinking that's too much to ask.

Beginnning a few days ago, I had my first bouts of what I can only call a 'second trimester morning sickness'. I've been really blessed by feeling much better than I did when I was pregnant with Thomas throughout the pregnancy, so I was pretty surprised when it popped up at 24 weeks.  I haven't had much of an appetite (except at lunch) for the past few days...the only challenge is keeping my blood sugars stable, so I've had to focus on exactly what I'm eating to keep them normal.

On Monday night, I got hit with a big migraine (the first in years). Jonathan wasn't due home for a few hours, so I curled up Thomas on the sofa to eat his dinner with his best buddies from Madagascar 2. I sat at the kitchen counter, focusing on eating and keeping down little bits of soup.  He heard me crying in the kitchen, and climbed down from the sofa.  He climbed up the bar stool height chair and sat down on the kitchen counter next to me. 

And then Thomas just overwhelmed me.

He leaned over to a bowl of blueberries on the counter, and started feeding them to me, one by one.  And in between bites, he wiped my face off from the tears and just said, "Mommy.  Eat."

I swear, this little boy is going to make the best husband someday.

Yesterday was a day of sheer exhaustion, so we ended up taking a nap together (me=sleeping, him=climbing the walls in our bedroom) and I awoke to him jumping on the bed and dancing. 

I've been wide awake since 3 am.  The wash is started, there's a load in the dryer already.  Focusing on taking down the last bits of Christmas and getting the house back in order. 

And maybe a blueberry-eating snack + nap time with the Wee Ski later.  Without the migraine.  :)


KCina said...

:) Hugs to you and your morning sickness, may it pass soon!

Yes, Thomas is gonna be an AMAZING husband and father someday....and a great big brother in less just a few months.

Hang in there my friend and I have a feeling you WILL get your snow, it'll just be in February, just in time for Valetine's Day!

Rebecca said...

Tears are running down my face after reading this! WOW what a kid. I've been going through a bit of after Christmas funkiness, I can't seem to pull myself out of it. Thomas could probably do it for me! You have a great kid and you guys make a fabulous family. I am blessed to know you.

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