Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jim Connolly, 1952-2010: "Choose Life & Expect the Best"

"Choose Life and Expect the Best."

The Connollys' family motto throughout Jim's diagnosis and fight. Based on Deuteronomy 30:15-20.
Last night, with his family surrounding him, Jim Connolly passed away.

Diagnosed with kidney cancer just over a year ago, he defied the odds based on the advancement of his cancer and gained a full year with his family and friends. As he often quoted from "Field of Dreams", reminding people of the importance of "going the distance", Jim did exactly that.

When we got the call late last night, our first prayers and tears were especially for the Connolly family: his wife, daughters and son-in-law. There's never a "good" time to lose someone, but a few nights before Christmas is especially difficult.

His son-in-law made the most beautiful request on Facebook early yesterday morning "We need your prayers this evening, my father-in-law is hurting...pray for my wife who is hurting so badly and I can't heal her pain, I can only trust that God is holding her heart."

And it's now that we pray specifically for comfort and peace for Jim's they share in the birth of our Lord over the next few days and in saying goodbye to Jim (at least this side of heaven) as that same Lord embraces him and calls him home.

Please add them to your prayers as well.


KCina said...

Oh Shelley & Jonathan...Hugs and prayers to Jim's family and all of you! :)

Abby said...

I don't know Jim, but seeing this title immediately sent my heart to my toes - I know he's had such a tough fight.
I will keep Jim's family in my prayers, and you and your family too.
Abby Ronnebeck

Tai said...

So sorry to hear about his passing:(

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