Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Daily: Days 18 & 19

I'm living life on the edge by posting out of order.  But as I'm crossing things off my "to do" list, I'd rather have things checked off at all instead of in order and never finishing.  :)

These pages are from last weekend -- our annual Mausski Christmas Dinner and the last weekend day on the tree farm.  I love that I am actually in some of the both times, Jonathan made the comment that he loved seeing something (below, Thomas helping me in the kitchen) and he grabbed the camera. Thanks, Doc, I really appreciate it.  ♥

The salsa that I made for the prawns was TO DIE FOR. I'm not normally a jalapeno person, but the blend of mango, tomatoes, avocado and jalapenos was heavenly.  I can only imagine how much better it would be during the summer when everything is in season.  Here's the recipe.

The banana pudding was tasty in tiny little cups, and my fave (though there's no photo) was the fruit dip.  Super simple to make and SO incredibly good.  I used low fat strawberry cream cheese, a bit of vanilla and sugar, and folded in cool whip at the end.  Delish.

The last weekend day on the tree farm.  Lots of cleaning up and cleaning out.

Full December Daily album here, new pages added as they're completed. :)

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