Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thanks, Brother Francis

Thomas and I both got a touch of the flu after my flu shot (oh, the irony)...and we've been down and out.  We've spent a lot of time on the sofa, reading books, sleeping (a lot -- usually in bed by 7 for both of us), watching movies, and singing along with Brother Francis.

He's been my lifesaver.

A few weeks ago, I ordered his first (and so far, only, until the second in the series is released) DVD.   It's a snappy little 20 minute video which Thomas ADORES.   He starts dancing as soon as the theme song comes on, and he jumps up and down in his chair.

I've had very little energy since we both got sick, so we've watched more than a few rounds of Brother Francis.  And he doesn't get old.  And I laugh because every time I watch it, I find something new.  Like when he starts the story of St. Therese of Lisieux, by walking in a field and finding a little flower.  But he never explains the parallel directly, you only notice it if you're paying attention.  A little something to keep the adults intrigued as well.  :)

And after my third or fourth (or twentieth) time of singing along with "With God's Love", I realized that I was doing just what the song described.  Showing Thomas God's love by putting aside my ever-growing to-do list, and just being 100% present to him.  Even if we're both drowning from trying to use a neti pot, bonding over Puffs tissues, or getting Vicks chest and neck massages.  Or when he's sneaking a drink of my 7up/orange juice and dropping it because he knows I caught him, pulling all the toilet paper from the bathroom into the bedroom from the roll, or squealing when I am hunting down the angry centipede that somehow found it's way onto the kitchen floor.

Exciting times, I tell you.

And hopefully, we'll both be on the mend soon.

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Lindsay said...

I watched this trailer and Bill started dancing in his chair to the music. Maybe he should babysit Thomas sometime & they could jam together... hope you're feeling better!

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