Monday, October 11, 2010

A slice of slowed-down life

After nearly a week's worth of faces like this, and with both of us feeling worse by the end of the week, I got the last walk-in appointment at Healthy Future Peds on Friday for Thomas, and found a walk-in doc for me in Lacey an hour later.   

Both of us were diagnosed with sinus infections -- but his was more focused on an ear infection which had developed in the previous day or so.  It explained why I hadn't been able to smell anything in the past week, and why my head was so congested. 

We found ourselves at Tim's Pharmacy in Yelm, with matching amoxicillin prescriptions.  So grateful that I wasn't traveling this weekend for Relay, and that my Finian Road clients were so gracious in rescheduling.  We really needed a few days with meds and calm to help get back on our feet. 

Don't you just want to give him a hug?!? 

So we watched a lot of movies, took lots of naps, and I really soaked in the snuggle time that Thomas wanted, because God knows that he is rapidly growing out of the 'snuggling' phase.  If he's 100%, he's normally running all over the place and has no time for snuggles unless it's bedtime. 

Late last week, he had a fever for two days -- finally breaking after it hit 102°.  This was when his clothes removal phase also peaked out.  I would walk into the living room and find his clothes taken off, one by one, until I found him lounging in his chair or on the ottoman. 

Things that got us through the worst?  Nothing out of the ordinary...
  • Chilled apple Pedialyte for him.  Chilled cranberry 7up for me (yea for seasonal returns!!). 
  • Applesauce. 
  • Soup.
  • Hot showers with lots of steam.
  • Pulling together this year's Christmas mix.  Seriously, Christmas music is the best remedy for feeling sick. 
  • Toast made with white bread and butter.  This is throwback to my childhood when my mom made this for me whenever I was sick.  Still works now.
Funniest/but not funny at the time moment?

We continued 'scary movie month' with Kevin and Heidi on Saturday night.  We watched The Shining, which was much scarier for me this time around, and less scary for Jonathan.   The Wee Ski slept through 99% of it except for getting up once to snuggle. 

Thomas woke up that night around 1 am screaming. 

I got up and held him for awhile, laid him down, and he began screaming again.  So I reminded him that we all wanted to sleep, but we couldn't sleep until he was asleep.  There's a good chance I reminded him of that with a louder-than-normal voice, which evidently woke Jonathan up.

So I picked him back up, and we began rocking in the glider in his room.  I was singing to him with my eyes closed and he was almost back to sleep.

I opened my eyes, and saw a dark figure standing in the doorway of the room.  Wanting to wake up Jonathan, I started screaming at the top of my lungs.  Apparently, the dark figure WAS Jonathan, and WAS NOT Jack Nicholson, and I scared him so badly he started screaming too.

And then Thomas started screaming. 

So we're all screaming and Jonathan and I are sufficiently terrified.

And Thomas just doesn't want to go back to bed.

So the Wee Ski came to bed with us and slept for a few hours.  We all needed a long nap after that night!

We're both feeling much better today.  Here's to a healthy and happy week ahead!!


KCina said...

okay--I seriously Laughed out LOUD when I read this...THIS is why I don't like watching scary movies...I scare myself and I'd scare the stuffing out of Victor too! ;)

Unknown said...

I cannot believe how big little Thomas is getting! He is turning into a little boy.

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