Monday, October 25, 2010

Splish Splash: A Tale of the Tub

Bathtime is a nightly adventure on the farm. It usually involves a very messy kidlet who enjoys wearing his food just as much as eating it.

Such was the case tonight, as I made a tasty new spaghetti recipe with italian sausage.  Though he neatly used his spoon and fork, he ended up with spaghetti sauce in his ears, his hair, and on both knees.

Sometimes, though, a still camera image just doesn't do things justice.  I give you a snippet of one of my favorite things ever:  Thomas in the tub, giggling.


Jenn & Noah said...

LOVE THAT KID!! he's such a good lil guy to have over! you guys did good! ;)

KCina said...


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