Friday, September 3, 2010

Wee Carhartts

A little unsure of the summer weather -- is it cold?  It is hot?  Should I just venture out and see what happens?  I may freeze without my hat!

Either way, I'm ready for tree season.  I have my own official pair of 2T (albeit with the legs rolled WAY up) Carhartt overalls!  I'm now a part time farmer too!


Unknown said...

Shelley his eyes are truly amazing. So beautiful and blue!

Anonymous said...

OMG. He is getting soooo big and changing so much. How absolutely adorable.

We are long overdue to get together.

Noreen comes to town this week. Perhaps we can make a big playdate for her wee ones and our wee ones while she's here. (And she can tell us about her visit to the Penzey's store in NYC!)

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