Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pizza + Applesauce

Mom and Dad are heading back to Iowa tomorrow -- to visit my Grandpa (my dad's dad).  He's been in a nursing home since July when he had clots in his lungs.  The goal was a low-key, chill night before they left early for the airport. 

Of course, Dad and Thomas shared their favorite snack together: breadsticks.  It's one of Thomas's favorite treats at their house -- he goes right to the cabinet to pull them out.  (The same way he pulls dog bones out at our house to munch on.  Guess we need to "up our snacky game" if we want to keep up with Grandma and Grandpa).  They curled up together in Grandpa's chair to watch some cheesy movie on HBO.

I made homemade pizza (mozzarella for our big pizza, goat cheese on the Wee Pizza) and we enjoyed an awesome summer evening on the deck, overlooking the Sound.  Grandma filled Thomas up with a few applesauce cups -- he was in heaven with two of his favorite foods. 

And the Wee Ski got his first yellow jacket bee sting.  He cried for a bit, until we took him into the bath and he played in the tub with the cool water.  A smiley face on his band-aid and he was ready to play again.  Grandpa took him for a tour in the wagon and he was all smiles again. 

He fell asleep in the car as we hit the Narrows Bridge and has been out ever since.

Sweet quiet. 

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