Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Relay For Life, Y'all

Last weekend, I flew to Jackson, Mississippi for the Mid-South Leadership Summit.  The training covered three states: Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

I had never Relayed, southern style.

It was a blast.

They brought in 6 national trainers -- Kathy (from Illinois), Kara (from Texas), Michelle (from New Mexico), me, Ed (from Pennsylvania) and Amy (from Wisconsin).  The first night after we all flew in, we headed to the Mayflower Cafe.  The scariest bathroom experience EVER - get a key, walk outside, down a block, up some crazy stairs and lock yourself IN hoping that no one comes in through the window.  But the BEST. SOUTHERN. FOOD. EVER.

Iron Chef Cat Cora chose the Mayflower's Comeback Dressing as one of her "Best Things She Ever Ate".   It was also the place that I started my list "What I Learned in the South".

On the list?  I learned what a "varmint" was (said like "vaaaaarrr-mit").  I had fried crabclaws and gumbo and crab bisque.  And the best lemon ice box pie ever.  The trainers from the Mid-South Division were so awesome -- and loved getting to know them over dinner and the upcoming days.

Training began on Friday -- with a football theme.  I seriously had NO IDEA how deep the south is into football.  I trained on Leadership Development that afternoon, and we had a big tailgate party that night -- with each state having a big tent celebrating their own state (and its football).  :) The event (for us as  trainers) ended with a cheer off between the states, where we judged and then hustled out of there.

Saturday morning flew by -- I sat in on a top fundraisers track (which was awesome) and trained on Event Development.

And by the end of the day, I was wearing a "Southern Hairpiece" for when your hair is flat (translation: NOT BIG ENOUGH).  The blackberry pic is below at the end.

I didn't bring a camera, so I borrowed all of these from Facebook.  Thanks, Donna and crew!  :)

The NLTT crew:

Amy and me, preparing for the Purple Glove Dance

Kara, me, Michelle and Kathy

Mississippi's tent -- and also the winners of the cheer off

The Arkansas tent --where I learned to "call the hogs", Razorback style.

And finally, with Lisa's "flat hair day hairpiece" -- enjoy.  :)

So much fun...looking forward to working with Amy and Kathy again in less than 2 weeks in Chicago, Illinois!

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