Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quick Takes: The Catching Up Edition

Seven snippets of life: too short for a full blog post, too long for Facebook.
  1. One of my favorite parts about returning home is getting things back in order.
    Granted, with Thomas, sometimes that process can take longer than it used to.  But unpacking, washing clothes, putting things away, and catching up on all the stories of things that happened while I was gone make me happy.  If only the wash would fold itself...
  2. Made an awesome margherita pizza last week.
    With fresh basil and orange heirloom tomatoes...even my tomato-hating husband loved it.  I loosely followed this recipe (meaning four-cheese was one-cheese).  So tasty.
  3. Penzeys is coming to Seattle near Pike Place!
    Best email I received when I was gone!  Thanks, Kate, I think we need to plan an inaugural road trip together...we will probably be the only ones in tears as we walk through the doors...but it will be AWESOME.
  4. Finian Road has been crazy busy, and I love it.
    Between shoots and design work, there's rarely been a down moment.  It's meant lots of getting up at 5 am before Thomas wakes, working like mad while he naps, and catching up after he goes to bed.  I have four projects that have a deadline of tomorrow -- and I can't wait to see how they turn out!  
  5. Thomas starts Toddler Gym this week.
    We're balancing it with swimming in open swim once a week (probably on Wednesday mornings after Mass), and giving him a new outlet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He has SO MUCH ENERGY ALL THE TIME that he never stops unless we give him a good outlet to let it out. 
  6. This morning is the first crisp, cold, foggy morning on the farm.
    I think that means the end of my tomatoes and the start of the new season...the Wee Ski and I are going to pick the last of the blackberries on the farm and start preparing the house for the fall...I'm praying for a snowy winter and a HOT summer next year!
  7. Planning to hit the Puyallup Fair next weekend...
    Any tips on going with a little one?  :)

1 comment:

Jenn & Noah said...

are you guys going to go to toddler gym at olympia center? kealani went for a long time and LOVED it!! =)

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