Sunday, August 1, 2010


Dave and Kristi got married this weekend, in an incredibly beautiful waterside ceremony at Alderbrook Resort in Union.   Loved how different it was -- not only did I get to be a guest and not shoot, Thomas had a great evening with my parents (who came out to Alderbrook for the night to hang with him), and Jonathan was one of the groomsmen in the wedding.  How cute does he look in the green?

Randy Dahl was the officiant -- and in typical Randy fashion, he showed up to the rehearsal dinner in his boat, wearing just a white tuxedo jacket, a bow tie, and margaritaville shorts.  No shirt.  Of course.

At the ceremony, he did a great job -- all teary eyed.  :)

The food was fantastic -- of course, with my high school bud, Tristan Holst as the exec chef at Alderbook -- and we had cake + root beer floats + a full green candy bar.  A heavenly sugar rush.

They departed that night through a sparkler tunnel of guests, onto a boat for a two hour cruise, just the two of them.

And Jonathan and I had a great date night with an early breakfast for the two of us before "picking Thomas back up" from my parents' room.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.  We all had a great time!

Martin, Dave and Jonathan

Kristi and me

With Brenda, Martin (mid sentence), Janell and Consuelo

Loved the favors.  So hysterical.   Before reading, you should know that Dave was a make-a-wish recipient as a childhood cancer survivor.  Want to know what he asked for?  Very last line.   So. funny.  He's passing along good advice.  :)

Thomas, hanging with Grandma. 

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Lindsay said...

You and Jonathan look so cute!

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