Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer at the park

Loving everything about summer.

The irony about the morning at the park?  It wasn't even 60° outside.   But the kids had a blast -- we met up with my mom, Kristine, Avila and Max, and Sara with her boys and parents. 

So much fun to see everyone together -- and to see all the kids playing together.  Things that Sara and I never imagined way back in the day when we were at St. Charles as kids ourselves. 

Andrew and Daniel, rocking the fast slide

Sara and the boys....

Thomas, with his current perpetual wave to anyone and everyone, this time to Grandma and Avila...

Thomas loving the help up the slide, like a big boy.  The boys trying to figure what's "safe" on the diaper bottom to push...  :)

Andrew handing him his sippy cup...

...and Thomas giving a big hug in exchange.  Hugs for both.

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