Monday, July 26, 2010

Hope Floats: The Beaverton Relay

On Saturday, the Skis made a sweet little road trip down to Beaverton, for the Relay For Life of Beaverton.  We wanted to see this amazing event in person -- and it was worth every moment of the five-hour round trip drive and 86°+ blazing sunshine! 

Two years ago, this was a struggling event in danger of folding.  They raised $47,000 at  the time, and needed a supercharge.  Enter Kathy Cina.

Kathy was Relaying at the Hillsboro Relay at the time, and was asked to step up to chair this event and help turn it around.

It's an awesome example of placing the right leadership in the right spot.  Running into volunteers and team captains, they all said the same thing.  Kathy was an incredible catalyst.  She inspired people to work harder, to keep a positive attitude, and to make this event the best it's ever been.   She knew every team captain's name, encouraged everyone at the event, and helped them grow.  Dramatically.  She gets the whole "reaching more, making it personal" on an incredible level. 

In two years, the event has not only turned around, but has blown away all expectations.  Their goal this year?  $58,000.  At the end of the event?  They'd raised more than $124,000. 

We loved being there for opening ceremonies.  Everyone was crying during the sweet little survivor's talk -- she has an incurable brain tumor that she is living with.  How can you not love her reading her talk from her iPod?  (Wow, how things have changed)

She inspired everyone with her sharing of how she deals with cancer at a young age, and how she carries on when it gets in the way of riding horses and living a normal life.  So inspiring. 

This little one captured everyone's hearts.  Everyone's. 

Kathy, firing up the survivors before the opening ceremonies.

Charlotte, her daughter, hiding in her tent.  A cute little bee tent, after their team, "Wee Bees For a Cure".  You can see the awesome wee bee hat Kathy surprised Thomas with at last year's Relay in Tacoma. 

Charlie is an awesome little 4 year old team captain.

I loved this giant HOPE sign.  Thomas loved the freedom of running wherever he wanted.  Mommy and Papa were exhausted.  :)

Kathy, Thomas and me.  Seems like FOREVER since this photo, when I was eight months pregnant with him and she and I were presenting together at the Portland Summit!

Charlie, tearing up the track

And the ladies of Team SOAR -- a dragonboat team of all cancer survivors.  Relaying together.

An awesome adventure. And a huge congratulations to Kathy, the committee, and the teams for a fantastic event.  You guys rock!!  :)


KCina said...

Thank YOU GUYS for driving all the way down to Beaverton to see our little event! ;-)


Wish we lived closer, you guys are amazing and I'm blessed to call you my friends!

~ Kathy

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh Shelley - you outdid yourself. Those pictures at the beginning of the post with the little survivor totally gave me goosebumps. They better make the calendar, that's all I have to say. You are amazing!

Danielle Hawes said...

I wish we would have been around! You were in our area!

Unknown said...

What an awesome event!!

Your pictures really capture the heart & soul of Relay!!

Thanks for all you do in the fight!!

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