Sunday, November 16, 2008

The last Relay event of the year...

And my partners in crime, Mark and Kathy. We had the rare opportunity to present together at Portland's Relay University yesterday...and I loved it.

They've had phenomenal growth of their Relay U over the past few years, and held a huge 100+ team/vendor Relay fundraiser today at the hotel to complement the training. It was so much fun to be part of the day.

Mark and I both serve on the training teams for the Great West Division and just moved up this year to the National Training Team. Yesterday was the first time we'd ever been able to facilitate together - normally we're assigned out to separate trainings. I realized, by the end of the four hour training, just how much energy Angus uses of mine...and was so appreciative of how they "pinch hit" (heh heh, not pit checked, Kathy!) when I just wanted to sit down!

We taught on both the HOPE Model and Think Big: Overdeliver! Kathy did an fantastic job for one of her first times presenting, and I loved the little snippets of 'life conversations' that we had in between breakouts.

Kathy's Relay team is called "Wee Bees For A Cure" and she makes the most adorable little knitted yellow and black wee bee hats for babies and how incredibly excited was I when Angus got his first Wee Bees cap yesterday? She hunted down blue and green yarn, in honor of the Seahawks, Jonathan's favorite NFL team.

It was so thoughtful, and so incredibly cute...I loved it!! Can't wait to photograph him in it!

And yes, check out the ever expanding belly...complete with half innie/half outie!

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