Wednesday, July 14, 2010


...for so many things. But right now, especially grateful for:
  • a grinning child, even if he just stuck his head all the way into the dog's water bucket.
  • a week away with my family, though it takes a bit longer to catch up to 'normal life' with routines and daily rituals.
  • a messy office, because it means I have consistent work, leaving me little time to organize.
  • cleaning up a million pieces of broken glass from a fridge shelf that shattered on the kitchen tile, especially since it was the glass that shatters and doesn't cut skin.  
  • being able to order a new fridge shelf online and have it delivered within four days for less than $25 total.
  • a husband who loves me with all of my quirks, even if he makes me play the quiet game because i talk too much at night.
  • learning that on my side of the family, my son's amazing blue eyes come from my birthmother.  it's a small link to my past, every time i look at my present. 
  • having a husband who knows all kinds of things about the legal system, and discovered said above fact for me.  
  • sunshine on the farm.

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