Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quick Takes: The Early June Edition

Seven snippets of life right now: too long for Facebook, too short for a full post. 
  1. Soaking in a quiet afternoon in Gig Harbor.  Thomas is sleeping, and I've been getting caught up on work.  He had a great night last night with Grandpa -- a trip to the park, dinner in his wagon, playing with the dogs and the birds, and a bath before bed.  I had my last cooking class of the session, and met Stella for a birthday dinner at Stanfords.  Mom, Thomas and I went to daily Mass this morning, then they headed to the grocery store while I shot the first Finian Road newborn of the summer season...just before the wild thunder and lightning hit.  The thunder wakes the Wee Ski occasionally, but he snuggles back to sleep.  Are we really in JUNE?
  2. Last night at cooking class: baking + liqueurs. 
    We rounded out the Mastering the Basics course last night with amazing brownies, la belle orange, cherries jubilee, and a wine/cheese/nut party.  The class has been fantastic, and I've signed up for several more through the end of the year.  Ahead?  Cupcakes, meditteranean seafood, and tomatoes: canning and sauces.
  3. Two weeks to Relay!
    This Friday is Tacoma's event, and we begin the 2 week countdown to Thurston.  The Skis are at $6,150 raised so far, with our team's total at $32,159.91.  Starting to feel like a $35,000 year is possible!  Getting excited to celebrate Jim during the opening lap--our team tees are awesome this year with "Connolly's Crew" across the back!  If you want to support us, just click the link above!  :)
  4. This thunder is wild.
    It's been rolling for the last 45 minutes and IT. IS. LOUD.  Mother Nature, if you wake my sleeping child again, we are going to have problems.  STOP SHAKING THE WALLS OF THE HOUSE.
  5. Excited for dinner tonight.
    I mastered the Chicken Madeira dish from the Cheesecake Factory...on the menu at Mom and Dad's: Chicken Madeira, baked sweet potatoes, and roasted asparagus with a fresh lemon + garlic aioli.
  6. The internet is amazing.
    The Camry Hybrid is at 34,000 miles (happens quickly when you live far, far away from everything).  We hadn't added the extended warranty because Camrys had historically always been so reliable. With the crazy problems they've had recently, we realized it was best if we added it...which needed to happen before 36,000 miles turned.  The local dealers quoted us upwards of $2500 for the platinum coverage to 125,000 miles. I searched on the web, called Jerry at Midwest Toyota in Kansas, and 20 minutes later had THE EXACT SAME COVERAGE for $1269.  No sales tax or add'l charges.  JUST LIKE THAT.   He was fantastic to work with.  If you need a Toyota extended warranty -- he is your man.  Seriously. 
  7. Strawberries are coming!  Strawberries are coming!
    The News Tribune has an awesome feature on the upcoming strawberries -- with recipes too!  Hopefully in a week or so, we'll be heading to Spooners to stock up for freezer jam making day!

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