Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quick Takes: The TGIS Edition

Seven snippets of life right now: too long for Twitter, too short for a whole blog post.  :)
  1. A crazy busy weekend.  Lots of Relay For Life goodness going on right now -- finished up the big flower basket fundraiser at CTM on Friday, had a maternity shoot, both Jonathan and I had dinners out with friends, drew the winner of the 2010 Shoot to Fight Cancer (congrats, Becky Callon!), Thomas had a play date at the Brownrices, and we celebrated our birthdays with an Uno de Mayo celebration (May 1 -- a combo of J's birthday on April 1 and my birthday on June 1).  Today was incredibly low key -- just what we needed. 
  2. The flower baskets were beautiful.  Spearheaded by Danielle Bigley, nearly 300 baskets were sold in April and delivered on Friday to downtown Olympia for pickup.  Everyone did a fantastic job and the baskets were awesome.  Thomas and I stopped by for an hour on our way up north for a Finian Road maternity shoot. 
  3. Jonathan's nickname is Doc.  I have been asked this question about a dozen times since this post.  :)  In 2007, he earned a juris doctor in law -- a doctorate -- and is in the one of the fields that you aren't called "Dr. Lastname" after the achievement.  Even when he was teaching at St. Martin's, he opted to simply be called "Professor", not "Dr. Sprouffske".  And so, I call him Doc. 
  4. Looking forward to Iowa this week.  Mom is finally able to fly home to Iowa, so we are heading back to Iowa on Wednesday.  Dad will fly in on Friday, and we will be able to bury Grandpa as a family with my aunts and uncles and cousins and grandma.  Hoping to see Jonathan's family on Monday as well -- with Uncle Johnie and Auntie Karen who are back in Iowa as well. 
  5. I have been on a green monster kick.  Low in WW points, lots of super charged veggies.  I make a big pitcher of green monster in the morning -- some fruit, kale, spinach, carrots, cabbage, and a scoop or two of Amazing Grass.  It's a bit of an "acquired taste" -- but it is truly giving me more energy.  From the pitcher, I get a pint for me, a cup for Thomas, a pint for Jonathan and a pint to stash in the fridge for when I leave the house.  Jonathan's coming around...though his first phone call after the "green monster to go" asked me if I'd mowed the yard and tossed in the clippings to his drink.  :)  Tonight, we had green monsters before chicken soup and bed for the Wee Ski.
  6. Loved this post on spices from Simple Bites.  And super excited to visit the Penzeys in Iowa this week -- since we don't have one here in Washington!!  2 miles from Grandma's!
  7. A quick Relay update -- the Skis are at $3312, with the help of $1825 raised from the Shoot to Fight Cancer.  Have an awesome boost coming from our Uno de Mayo celebration.  Our team, Connolly Tacon & Meserve, is at $21,639 before the flower baskets or Uno de excited to see where we will end up!  54 days to Relay!  Oh, and one of the coolest things...the photo that was on the back of every raffle ticket is below...and it's also on a Relay For Life billboard off I-5, between Federal Way and Fife!  Yea!

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