Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quick Takes: The Spring Budding Edition

Seven snippets of life right now: too long for Twitter, too short for a full blog post.
  1. The fickle weather is frustrating. 
    This morning, bright sunshine...only to give way to pouring rains that don't let up.  Same thing yesterday.  The trees are budding like mad with the heat from last weekend -- they haven't gotten the memo that the heat is gone right now. Turned the heat on today, and Thomas and I are snuggling up under a blanket watching Cars.  He's snacking right now on Dave's Killer Bread with goat cheese. 
  2. Speaking of goat cheese...
    I tossed some in to leftover soup (with sweet potatoes, carrots, apples and lentils) this morning.  Added a bit of bacon, and it was perfect.  Perfect winter weather soup with a bit of spicy kick.  Wait -- aren't we in May?   Shouldn't summer be right around the corner?  I feel like we should be having chili and stew.
  3. Heading to Relay Night at Applebees tonight!
    A big Thurston Relay fundraiser...15% of all proceeds will be given to the event if we turn in the flyer with our meal (works for both dine-in and take-out)  If you're in the area -- you should check it out!  The Wee Ski will be there!
  4. Speaking of Relay...
    I was invited to speak at Tacoma's last Teams meeting last night.  It had been several years since I had captained or volunteered in Tacoma...and probably 4 or 5 since I'd been part of a meeting.  So good to see so many people I'd missed, and to catch up.  One of the volunteers sent me a photo from last night -- it's uploaded to Facebook here
  5. Loving this week so far. Started on Sunday with lunch at Farrelli's with Jen -- it had been too long since we'd gotten together.  Hoping that this was not the ending, but the beginning of the next chapter.  ♥  On Monday, Thomas and I took Avila to the zoo, and met Uncle Mike for lunch at Pita Pit, dinner with Jonathan.  Yesterday, swimming, the Relay meeting and met Amy at the Melting Pot for a late-night happy hour to catch up since she got home.
  6. Speaking of Amy...
    I am so proud of her!  She didn't immediately begin college after high school, but went back a few years later...decided she wanted to attend Franciscan in Ohio.  Not only did she finish her degree, but she also was one of the first 2 students to ever receive a degree in "Sacred Music" - a new major at the university.  We were so blessed to have her sing at our wedding...and she was asked to sing the anthem at the ungrad graduation!  So excited to have her back on the west coast.
  7. I cannot believe Lost will be over in 5 days.
    Surreal.  Such a love/hate relationship.   But I can guarantee that there will be tears on Sunday night during all 2 1/2 hours of the finale.  I'm mopey just thinking about it.  :)

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Unknown said...

I much prefer beginnings to endings! :)

I so meant to ask you your thoughts on Lost when we had lunch. I would love to know what you think the deal is. For every answer I just have more questions! I am so looking forward to Sunday, but like you will probably cry!

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