Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quick Takes: The Sunday Edition

Seven snippets of life right now: too short for a blog post, too long for Facebook.  In no particular order...
  1. Check out the Wee Ski!
    He's been walking all over.  So proud of himself, but always with his arms up in the air. 
  2. Jonathan invented a holiday.
    To celebrate our birthdays together -- his is on April 1, mine on June 1.  It's now called Uno de Mayo
  3. Loving Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.
    Especially growing up in a home where vegetables came in the form of corn on the cob and french fries -- I love seeing what he is doing in schools.  It's fascinating: from the attitudes of those around him to the positive change he is effecting.  You can watch the first two episodes online so you can get caught up!  I want Thomas to grow up in a family where all foods are embraced -- where you can have anything, just not everything.  And to be able to appreciate vegetables before he graduates from college.  :)
  4. Had an awesome picnic lunch on Thursday with one of my favorite people, Pat FlynnIt had been so long since we'd spent time together -- shared fantabulously amazing soup from Infinite Soups down at the waterfront with the Wee Ski.  So grateful for a chance to catch up and have some good friend-to-friend time.  ♥
  5. Looking forward to Easter cookie decorating with the Skis on Tuesday.
    Auntie Sandi is whipping up the cookies  tomorrow, and  the girls are decorating Tuesday night - no kids, no husbands...just good girl time.
  6. Whoever invented Pill Pockets is the smartest person alive. 
    Maggie's skin started flaring up from her autoimmune disease last week.  I actually started crying when I thought of giving her pills again.  She hates them: so I had to make little sandwiches of peanut butter or cream cheese or whatever she couldn't pull the pill out of.  7 little sandwiches a day, since her treatment consisted of both steroids + antibiotics.  It was exhausting, especially if you've never tried to force pill-feed a 100 pound dog.   When I took her in last week, the student doc recommended these Pill Pockets, and she's taken all her medication like a champ.  Seriously, I cannot begin to describe how much easier the process is.  And her skin is healing rapidly.  Swoon.
  7. Making plans to go back to Iowa in a few months.
    I cannot believe that Thomas will be almost a year and a half when we go! Yea!  Soaking up the fly-free under 2 for as long as we can!

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