Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh, what a beautiful baby...

The highlight of this week's Nisqually Valley News...

I entered two photos of Thomas in the 2010 Beautiful Baby contest...and look who won!

First prize had two prizes:  I won a 'mother and child' necklace, and he won a photo shoot.  Jonathan was hoping that the dad would win a year's worth of beer, but alas, no luck. 

We've come home each day to phone messages from Larry and Mary's friends who saw the insert and want to send their congrats and love.  There's a good chance we bought up the rest of the copies of the NVN from the Rainier Market to send back to a very proud Great Grandma and our fam outside the Nisqually Valley.

Here's hoping he doesn't peak out in his accomplishments at 14 months.  :)

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