Sunday, January 31, 2010

The lemon blueberry goodness...

...fresh out of the oven.

Four dozen in all, with the first dozen cooled and packed in with the mini Penzeys box to go across the U.S. to Angela, who won Friday's giveaway!

Lots going on this week - two more giveaways (one on Monday and one on Wednesday) to celebrate the blog's 5 year blog-a-versary, and a big Q&A tomorrow night on the upcoming ballot for the Regional Fire Authority. Thomas and I will be in support of Commissioner Sprouffske, who is hosting. Thomas may be too young to vote, but he will learn about the importance of it, since this measure failed by 12 votes last fall - every vote counts.

Had two fantastic shoots today for Finian Road - can't wait to get the sneak peeks up on the blog!

All for now, expecting to get up tonight with my snuffly little boy, so it's sleepy time for me! Good night!

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