Monday, January 11, 2010

Each day, a bit better

The last few weeks feel so much like a blur. It's the day after Christmas, we're getting ready to have the 'make up Christmas dinner' that Mom missed while she was back in Iowa with Grandpa...only to have her stay home because she wasn't feeling well.

No problem, we'll still have the turkey that night, and just have turkey soup the next day when they would come down instead.

Until they didn't come.

And the voice mail from Dad said that Mom was headed to the hospital. Two weeks and a day ago.

Christmas has been taken down at their home. At our home. Everywhere [well, that really happened at 11:59 pm on Christmas night as soon as the stores flipped over to post-Christmas sales :) ].

Her birthday has passed. Thomas's birthday came and went. Iowa played in the Orange Bowl. Grandpa was booted from hospice "for doing to well to qualify". :) 10 days in Intensive Care for Mom.

And now, the docs are talking about sending her home.

We met with the care manager today about Mom's oxygen needs once she is discharged. About what to expect and what lies ahead.

Very surreal, indeed.

If you had told me over Christmas that Mom would be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that would sideline her for the spring, I would have said you were nuts.

I think God handed out the 'news' slowly on purpose...letting each bit sink in before getting to the next. Helping everyone put their minds around what was happening and what was to come.

She has had excellent care in Intensive Care, and we are very grateful for them. She celebrated walking around the unit today and her oxygen not spiking too badly.

So much to be thankful for.

And the reminder to never take good health for granted.

Thank you for your prayers and support during this time...for reaching out, for letting us know you were there with us, even if from afar. We are so grateful.

The road ahead will be long in recovery, but at least there's a road ahead. :)

Dr. WeeSki checks over his patient. Inspecting the nasal cannula, her oxygen, her teeth and her smile.

Giving her the "A-OK" seal of approval, he decides it's time to jump up and down on his patient.

Here's to many more jumping up and down experiences ahead!


Unknown said...

So glad to hear of your mom's progress. She has been in our prayers daily.

We love you.

--Kate, John & Daniel

Elizabeth Ann said...

Hey.... is that a butt shot of your mom I see while Dr WeeSki is checking out his pt???? Hmmmmmm

shelley said...

Thanks, Kate! :) We so appreciate it and love you too!!

Liz, you are funny. No, she's got lightweight pants on, they just aren't super dark or super light colored. :) That's awesome. Maybe she needs a modesty patch!!

Michelle Patrick said...

So glad to hear the update Shelley, both that your mom is doing better and that your grandpa was kicked out of hospice! That's great news! Thanks for the amazing pictures and video of Thomas's birthday too...feels like I was right in the room with you guys.

I'm continuing to pray for your mom and your whole family. Miss you!

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