Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 of 12 • The January Edition

Our day, low key for the most part. Things that I did not capture?

Me in swimming class, explaining emphatically that one year olds cannot climb along a swimming pool wall, no matter how much the new instructor thinks they can.

Also not in this? Me on the phone for an hour with Adobe, after my Photoshop crashed. That was a very frustrating and as yet, not fully resolved issue. That would have had a photo of me pulling my hair out through my ears.

Onto the photographs...

Baked Oatmeal • 5:16 am
In the oven for breakfast for Jonathan and me. So incredibly yummy. There's several recipes here, but I usually make the one in the comments of the post.

Setting the timer on the homemade non-fat yogurt • 6:43 am
Should be ready 10 hours from now. {full how to make yogurt post coming this week}

Breakfast for the Wee Ski • 8:04 am
Pounding down cheerios. Ahead for him? A pear, whole milk yogurt, and sweet potatoes. He eats. all. the. time. And is still in the 10th percentile.

Maggie • 1:57 pm
We need a break outside after my convo with Adobe on the phone. Two and a half hours of this mess. Argh.

Thomas's new firetruck • 2:36 pm
He loves this thing so much. However, he can only go backwards on it. Here, he's backed himself up against the garbage can.

Playing • 3:00 pm
While I'm folding clothes.

Headbutts • 3:15 pm
This is my favorite thing he does right now when he's happy. He'll headbutt you.

The baby douglas firs, just sheared • 3:35 pm
All of the baby trees on the farm were sheared this week. Did you know that our trees, by the time you cut one to take it home, will have been hand sheared no less than a dozen times?

New buds! • 3:55 pm
Spring is coming, even if winter snows never did get here.

Anguish • 5:20 pm
Meet Thomas's new way to cry. Both hands over his face, in anguish. This also means he needs a mini nap before dinner and he'll be good to go.

Lemon drops • 6:16 pm
Did I mention that Jonathan went to the bartending academy? Oh, yes, my attorney husband is a man of many talents. And just after he walked in the door, he whipped up 2 lemon drops for dinner. The recipe is what we served at our wedding -- want to know the secret? Simply Lemonade + Vodka. Yum.

The best dinner I have made in a long time • 6:22 pm
Thank you, Rachael Ray. Rosemary chicken breasts, sweet wilted spinach salad w/pancetta, and brown butter and balsamic raviolis. Jonathan's favorite part? The spinach. Here's the recipe. It really is easier than it looks, everything is timed out well for a quick dinner that is awesome.

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Mrs. B said...

Your picture inspired me to make baked oatmeal this morning (so I didn't get to refrigerate it) and it was bomb-diggity! Bill even like it and he normally hates oatmeal! Thanks for the tip, my gracefully domesticating friend!

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