Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spinning in Circles

A good summary of the past few days. Not so much 'highs and lows', but feeling a bit like you're running in circles. A lot.

We went from possible spots on Mom's lungs to a clean CT scan, after a great deal of waiting for the results. Hurry up and wait. Hurry up and wait.

When the antibiotics weren't working, MRSA was considered and tested. I'll tell you -- there's nothing like a suggestive creative mind to make you think you're itching all night after spending the day with someone who may have MRSA. {just to be clear, Mom is negative for MRSA}

Last night, it seemed that Mom was on the mend and headed home today...only to arrive at the hospital an hour later to find that her temperature had risen (again) and she was back on oxygen. One step forward, two steps back.

Her white blood cell counts keep rising day after day, so her body is fighting something. We aren't sure if it is truly pneumonia, or pneumonia + something else, or something else entirely. The non-answers are frustrating to say the least. Her blood pressure dropped a great deal today, so again, running tests, and hurry up and wait.

Please pray for any/all of the following:
  • For the docs to determine why the WBC counts are rising
  • For Mom's patience at being stuck in a bed
  • For Mom to focus more on resting and recovering, and less on resuming full speed with her first steps out of the hospital
  • For Dad, who is alone in the house with the doggies. They all miss her each night at home.

And lest I leave you on a sour note, here is Thomas showing you what it really feels like to spin in circles. Shot tonight, in our kitchen. Enjoy.

(and yes, just before the bumper cars comment, i smacked his chair into the fridge.)


Grace said...

You don't know me but I do know your mom - such a wonderful lady! Please tell her hello from the Silvas and let her know she is in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

that video is charming - what a sweet and happy baby!!!

KCina said...

Okay--that video totally cracked Charlie and I me a little dizzy, but that's my issue...

Sending your mom, all her doctors and ALL OF YOU lots of prayers that they will figure this all out and she'll get better SOON!

Happy New Year!
~ Kathy

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