Monday, December 28, 2009

No news is good news

Spent most of today at the hospital with Mom. Thomas had a fun-filled day with the Brownrices so he was happy as a clam when he arrived to St. Anthony's with his Uncle Mike.

A few quick points:
  • Her breathing is better, utilizing breathing treatments periodically throughout the day and oxygen otherwise.
  • Her white blood cells are unchanged, so her body is still fighting something - though we aren't quite sure what.
  • The docs don't believe it's pneumonia anymore. They ordered a CT Scan and we will hopefully have some answers tomorrow.
  • If you know my mom, you will not be surprised that one of her visitors today was her massage therapist. She came to help relieve the muscle soreness from coughing. You will also not be surprised that her massage therapist doesn't normally make house calls, but for Mom... :)

Dad, Thomas and I had spaghetti tonight, with homemade sauce. Cozy and home-y, instead of the boxed dinners I knew he had in the fridge. Had some good talks about what's ahead, and praying for some answers.

Two years ago tonight was very different - our Mausski Bowling Extravaganza the night before our wedding. Singing a surprise "Happy Birthday" to Mom with 125 of our family + wedding party, celebrating her 60th birthday.

Tonight, we were quieter. Grateful for Thomas's excitement to find three big bowls right at his level on the floor: dog bones, dog food, and a big bowl of water. One would think I've never fed him before with how he dove face first into the dog food. :) Grateful for time together with Dad where we could check in and debrief. He's a good man. And a good husband and daddy.

My favorite part of today?

When Mom's massage therapist arrived, Dad and I took a walk outside and drove over to Costco (swoon - a Costco 5 minutes from me!). He found an incredible orchid and we brought it back to the hospital. Everyone was commenting on it's beauty. Dad's response?

"It should be beautiful! It's for my sweetheart!"


ViolinMama said...

awww, so sweet. Still praying, and so glad for the glimmer of beauty and peace throughout a hard day....

Unknown said...

What an awesome guy!! I pray that God lends wise perception and counsel for her Doctor and that she make a speedy recovery!

Unknown said...

What a testament your parents are to a beautiful marriage and friendship. Praying we will all be so blessed!

I was also glad to hear you got some good Costco-Therapy! Like a balm to the soul, huh?! :-)

I'm praying for your mom and the whole family that you would feel the peace that surpasses all understanding.

KCina said...

Continuing to send lots of happy thoughts & prayers to your mom & entire family! ;-)

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